Alhambra High School student Caleb Luong executing a perfect leg kick on his training partner Johny Ta in the Muay Thai Kickboxing at Silanoe Martial Arts in San Gabriel Alhambra.
Caleb on the right executing a leg kick on his training partner Johny

Congratulations to our adult Student of the Month Caleb Luong!

Hi Caleb, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I, Caleb live(s) in Alhambra and I grew up there.  I am currently a Senior at Alhambra High School.  I am passionate about learning human psychology and everything about countries around the world.  I live with my mom, dad, twin brother, and pet dog.  

What classes do you take and what got you interested?

I trained for a year in Muay Thai Kickboxing and currently, I am taking Jiu-Jitsu. I am a white belt in BJJ.

What is your favorite part of the Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai class?

My favorite part of these classes is being able to practice and spar with the other students.  

Do you have a favorite Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai technique?

My favorite Muay Thai technique is definitely the Head Kick. The Jiu-Jitsu technique I favor the most is the Rear Naked Choke.  

White Belt in BJJ Caleb Luong finish his match with an armbar submission at the Teens Fundamentals at Silanoe Martial Arts.
Caleb getting the armbar submission in the Jiu-Jitsu sparring at the Fundamentals class

What current and future goals do you have?

I plan on training until I am a proficient beginner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

I also want to say that knowing both Muay-Thai and Jiu-Jitsu gives a strong foundation for the potential for me as a person.   

Caleb has been training both Muay Thai Kickboxing and BJJ and he sees it as a strong foundation.

Caleb values the potential Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu have for personal growth. His favorite part is the sparring because it gives him the opportunity to learn together with teammates and apply all the knowledge in live training. If you would like to discover how Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai can benefit your personal growth request a free week of training. We have added classes to our schedule making it easier to fit anyone’s schedule so don’t forget to check it out. If you would like to read about other Students of the Month such as Nicholas F. click here.

Caleb sparring on the rear mat at Silanoe Martial Arts during the Muay Thai Dutch Kickboxing in San Gabriel Alhambra academy.
Caleb sparring with his teammates in the Muay Thai Kickboxing class which happens to be Caleb’s favorite part of the class