Charter School Approved Vendor

Introducing Silanoe Martial Arts, Your Charter School Approved Vendor

At Silanoe Martial Arts, we are proud to be an approved vendor for charter schools. We understand the importance of martial arts as a valuable addition to your child’s school education. Our program offers numerous benefits and rewards that contribute to increased focus, self-confidence, and improved grades. We are thrilled to see the Charter School system recognizing the value of martial arts in this regard. Join us at our premier academy located in San Gabriel and witness the positive impact martial arts can have on your child’s development.

We are currently approved vendors for the following charter schools:

Utilize Your Charter School Funds for Martial Arts Enrollment Did you know that your charter school funds can be allocated towards enrollment in our exceptional kids and teens martial arts programs? This means you can take advantage of the charter school funding while allowing your child to experience the many benefits of martial arts training. Alternatively, we offer the flexibility for parents to pay out of pocket, which can be particularly helpful if the charter school funds need to be used for other expenses or during the summer months when some charters are not in session.

Is Your Charter School Not Listed? Let Us Know! We are continuously expanding our list of approved charter schools. If your charter school is not currently listed above, please inform us so that we can initiate the vendor application process with your preferred California charter school. We are dedicated to accommodating the needs of as many charter school families as possible.

Join Us at Our Academy We eagerly look forward to welcoming you and your child to our academy. Experience the exceptional martial arts training and nurturing environment that Silanoe Martial Arts provides. Contact us today to enroll your child or to learn more about our programs and services. Together, let’s empower your child through martial arts and set them on a path to success.