About Us

About Silanoe Martial Arts

Welcome to Silanoe Martial Arts Academy, your destination for world-class martial arts training in San Gabriel, CA!

At Silanoe Martial Arts Academy, we specialize in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai Kickboxing, offering a diverse array of classes tailored for all skill levels—from beginners embarking on their martial arts journey to advanced practitioners aiming to sharpen their skills. Our dedicated team of experienced instructors excels in both BJJ and Muay Thai, ensuring that every session enriches your knowledge and hones your abilities.

Whether you’re interested in mastering ground fighting techniques and submission holds in our BJJ classes, or you want to engage in the dynamic striking of Muay Thai Kickboxing using punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, we have the expertise to elevate your skills. Our academy isn’t just about fighting; it’s a place where people of all ages, including children, can learn discipline, respect, and self-defense in a fun and secure environment. Our classes are designed to enhance your physical fitness and endurance, preparing you for anything from martial arts competitions to everyday wellness.

Located in San Gabriel, CA, and serving neighboring areas like Alhambra, San Marino, Rosemead, Monterey Park, Temple City, Arcadia, and Pasadena, our academy is a community hub for martial arts enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and motivating environment that helps every student achieve their personal and athletic goals. Our students tend to favor us because of our strong and supportive community, convenient location, and our ample and free parking.

Ready to start your transformation? Check out our Class Schedule or try us today by signing up for a Free Trial class! Dive into the enriching world of BJJ and Muay Thai Kickboxing, and discover how our expert-guided training can enhance your fitness, self-confidence, and much more. We are excited to guide you through every step of your martial arts journey at Silanoe Martial Arts Academy.